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GCS CNC S9+1631 3D LEFT FRONT Side Rende
S9 is professional machine for panel furniture production . It is equipped with 9KW ATC Spindle( 12 carousel magazine ) ; Italy FAM 5+4 boring heads which can meet all kind vertical holes drilling‘s requirements . S9 has multifunction : routing , drilling , cutting , edge chamfering etc.
Multi Function Precision

The S1+ is professional machine for cabinet-making, wardrobe-making, panel furniture, custom made furniture and office furniture. It's equipped with a 9KW HSD HSK ATC Air-Cooled Spindle , with an on-board 12 carousel ATC magazine, alond with a HSD Drill Boring Unit, comprising of 9 (5+4) Vertical Drills, which can meet all kinds vertical holes drillings requirement.


The S1+ displays precision with multi function : Routing , drilling , cutting , edge chamfering etc .

The S1+ is also with automatic push function which can push the finished panel board from the worktable and collect the dust during working at the same time . In this way , it’s very easier for the operator to unload and new feeding board easily be strong sucked on the worktable .

The S1+ automatic marking label system and automatic loading and unloading system can be optional.Auto loading, optimised material cutting, vertical drilling, auto unloading, cabinet-processing without interruption.

Product Parameters

XYZ Working Area:

XYZ Travelling Positioning Accuracy:

XYZ Re-positioning Accuracy

Table Surface

Max Travelling Speed

Max Working Speed

Spindle Power

Drive & Motor

Tool Storage Capacity

Drilling Capacity

Working Voltage

Operating System

1300mm x 2500mm x 200mm



8 Zone Vacuum table



HSD HSK Air-Cooling 9KW


12 HSK Tools

9 Vertical Drills


GCS CNC Control System

GCS1325PRO - Sapphire Professional Serie

*Base GCS CNC 1325 Professional Machining Centre shown without Protective Gantry Covers

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